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Technical Articles

Technical Articles

Topics of Technical Interest

This page is always under construction.
Suggestions are welcome to add more such articles.

Sl No Topic Created on
1. Monte Carlo Techniques- (with a demo applet) 29 June '99
2. Bezier Curves- (with a demo applet) 12 July '99
3. Parallel Robots (with a demo applet) 03 March '00
4. Genetic Algorithms 21 July '99
5. Simulated Annealing 24 September '99
6. Artificial Neural Networks To be added

Eminent Engineers of the Century

These pages are maintained solely as:
i) a tribute to the doyens of the engineering community for their contributions to the world;
ii) a collation of interesting facts for Mechanical engineers and
iii) for the fun of it !!??

In case of any copyright issues/corrections/suggestions please inform me. The accuracy of the data provided here is not guaranteed. Please refer to other official sites for authentic data.

My sincere acknowledgements to the following sources for helping me in archiving the information: 1. Professional Engineering - The Magazine of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
2. Mechanical Engineering - The Magazine of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
3. How Things Work
4. An endless list of websites (mentioned in the specific pages)

Sl. No. Name Field/Product
1. Sir Christopher Cockerell Hovercraft
2. Harry Ferguson Farm Tractors
3. Carl Benz Automobile
4. Gottlieb Daimler Automobile

In the field of Software Technology:

Sl. No. Name Description
1. James Gosling Vice President of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
2. Grady Booch Co-developer of UML
3. Vinod Khosla Co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
4. Bill Gates Chairman of Microsoft Corp.
(The above topics are linked to other web-sites. If any links are not working,
please inform me. Thanks in advance !)

Eminent Indian Scientists/Engineers of the century

Sl. No. Name Field/Product
1. APJ Abdul Kalam Father of India's Missile Technology
2. Dr Vikram Sarabhai Father of India's Space Programme
3. Homi Jehangir Bhabha Father of India's Nuclear Programme
4. Sir CV Raman Founder of Raman Research Institute
5. S Chandrasekhar Noted astrophysicist
6. Jagadish Chandra Bose -

Started on: 29 June '99
Last updated on:03 March 2000
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