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1995 Batch Reunion

Location: College campus.
Date: 25th September 2005, Sunday

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Committee Members:

Committee Volunteers
Communication Bangalore - R Ganesan (Mech), S Satish Kamal (Mech), S VenkatesaPerumal (Mech), S Vijayakumar (Mech)

Hyderabad - SP Balasubramanian (Mech)

Logistics -

Feedback from the alumni:

# Name Branch Date email id Comments
20 C.Senthilkumar ECE 24 Aug - Hai friends, It will be a great pleasure to hear the news about reunion of our batch. I am looking forward for that occasion.
19 Mariappan Mech 24 Aug - By the grace of GOD hope all of u doing well with ur family/friends. Sorry for the long delay. I came to India in the month of May and visited our (PSNA) college with my family. Again, I am coming to India on 31-08-05. I will inform my travel plan in the next mail.
18 Vijayarajan R ECE 2 Aug - Dear Friends, It will be great pleasure to meet you all and right now i'm in Singapore and just returned back from India last week. Also, there is plan to fly IRAN during last week of september, if possible i will try to join this wonderful occassion.
17 Nandita C Mech 24 Jul - I am glad to see that the reunion plan is going well. I will not be able to make it for this reunion as I had been to India only this February. But do keep me posted on the details about the reunion.
16 K Arul Murugan Mech 24 Jul - 10 years........... think it is a long duration.Memories shedding and rebuilding with the new course of life in a new way & in different form. Memories are ment for that purpose . To replace/rebuild/refresh them, in their present form - (ofcor'se) is an enjoyable moment, which i may be missing on 28th of August. My wishes to all our batch mates and pl dont miss this memory empanelment.
15 Vijayakumar S Mech 1 Apr - Ganesh (Mech) has contacted Viji. Yet to confirm
14 Ravikumar S Mech 1 Apr - Ganesh (Mech) has confirmed over phone. Ravikumar is in Vadodara. He is interested in attending but has to look at his availability.
13 Raja M Mech 1 Apr - Ganesh (Mech) has confirmed over phone. Raja is in Pune. He is interested in attending but has to look at his availability.
12 Elango Mech 31 Mar - Ganesh (Mech) has confirmed over phone.
11 Venkatashoba Mech 31 Mar - Ganesh (Mech) has confirmed over phone.
10 Muthuramalingam, Ashok ECE 31 Mar - Ganesh (Mech) has confirmed over phone.
9 MuthuKumar Civil 31 Mar - Ganesh (Mech) has confirmed over phone.
8 SP Balasubramanian Mech 29 Mar This is a great idea, looking forward to meet old pals.I am @ Hyderabad, let me know how I can help for this. I met Dhanasekaran and Elango last weekend and informed them about the reunion.
7 Mariappan Mech 22 Mar I am planning to come to India for my vacation on mid of May 2005. I will send a detailed mail latter.
6 Ganesh Mech 22 Mar We can make it. let me know what can i do? let's pass on this message to our friends and ask for some suitable sunday (is it okey?) in August 2005.
5 S Venkatavaradhan Mech 18 Mar Great Idea!
Would Luv to meet my friends and curious to see lot of aunts and uncles. Planning a trip back home in July, will postpone it to august, if that's when alumni meet is scheduled.
4 S Venkatesaperumal Mech 18 Mar I am in Bangalore, i will be happy if i can do something for this .
3 S.Ramachandran Mech 17 Mar -
2 S.Satish Kamal Mech 17 Mar Good to hear that we will be gathering soon. I am really interested to bring back the past days. Where ur planning to keep the get together I suppose mostly at our college premises or outside. I dont want to miss this wonderful opportunity and I put hands for that.
1 B Shivashankar ECE 17 Mar It is a fantastic idea to have a re-union after 10 years. May be we should keep the option of Chennai as a venue also open and based on the final availabilty we could zero in on any one the location. I'm quite thrilled to hear and waiting to hear more.